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Hire a DUI Defense, Traffic Ticket Attorney in Livonia, MI

If you get a ticket, remember the following points –

  • There is always a better alternative than paying the ticket.
  • Hire a qualified lawyer before making costly mistakes.
  • The cost of a lawyer is minimal compared to the consequences of being found guilty.
  • Do not believe you can “talk your way out of it” in Court without representation.
  • Beware of being told a reduction of points will not affect your insurance rates. ANY moving violation can increase rates and will show on your record, even if reduced to zero points, adversely affecting the experience of future traffic stops.
  • There are mandatory DRIVER RESPONSIBILITY FEES ($200-1000 a year for 2 years) assessed for any conviction.
  • We strive for completely protecting your record from receiving any moving violations.

In 2018, hiring an attorney is an absolute must!

Livonia Ticket.com is owned and operated by Attorney Glenn McCandliss, a traffic lawyer representing clients with tickets, charges and matters in the Livonia, Michigan area.

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  • Any moving violation entered onto your record increases your insurance premiums(usually by 22% per point).
  • Insurance companies “rate” your driving propensities based on traffic convictions.
  • Each point can cost an additional $150 for 3 years (beyond court fines and driver responsibility fees).
  • Therefore, to avoid paying penalties and keep the convictions off your record, it is important to hire an attorney.

Prompt service, proven results

  • Hiring an attorney saves you a trip to court.
  • Credit cards are accepted & payment plans are available.
  • Receive a 10% discount if you mention this ad.
Should I Get A Lawyer? (Analysis)
SCENARIO A1. Driver is ticketed
2. Does not hire a lawyer
(i) pleads guilty or (ii) goes to court alone
3. Court sets arraignment/trial date
4. Police Officer and Prosecutor Present case
5. Driver found guilty and sentenced by Court
6. Court imposes Fine, Probation, or 
7. Placed on Master Driving Record
8. Offense on record with L.I.E.N./N.C.I.C.
9. Secretary of State/DMV Points assessed
10. Driver Responsibility Fees charged by mail.
11. Insurance Company “Rates” Driver <7 years>

SCENARIO B1. Driver is ticketed
2. Hires a lawyer
3. Lawyer files an appearance
4. Court waives arraignment
5. Court extends hearing date
6. Lawyer meets with prosecutor
7. Reduced Plea Negotiated
8. Plea May Include No Abstract
9. Fine imposed with time to pay
10. No Master Driving Record entry
11. No LIEN/NCIC Conviction
12. No Driver Responsibility Fees
13. No Insurance rate increases


After receiving a ticket for 16-20 over I called Attorney  McCandliss. His office was very professional and made me feel at ease. Since the speed was so high, I expected to get a point or two point break after attending traffic school. My ticket was dismissed! I didn’t even have to appear! ~Kacy Irwin

I was ticketed in Romulus in August 2013 for speeding 84/70 and No Proof of Insurance. I hired Attorney Glenn McCandliss who appeared on my behalf and was able to get the charges reduced to a parking ticket without points or adverse license consequences.  I highly recommend Mr. McCandliss to every one who gets a ticket and wants to keep their record clean.  Neil J., East Lansing, MI.

I was ticketed for Disobey Stop Sign by a police corporal who stated I “rolled through”. I hired Mr. McCandliss who I found through the internet to represent me.  Mr. McCandliss was prompt, diligent and personable and appeared with me in Court and was able to get the matter resolved favorably so that my driving record stays clean and my insurance rates stay low.  I recommend that anyone who gets a ticket hire Mr. McCandliss right away to defend it.  David Reed., Canton, Michigan.  

I am a college student planning to attend graduate school and received a ticket for leaving the scene of a property damage accident. I hired Mr. McCandliss who appeared with me at the arraignment asserted my innocence, obtained a personal bond, reset court hearings to accommodate my school schedule then, after a several hours of meetings with the prosecutor, negotiated a favorable resolution of the case including dismissal of the misdemeanor, which is very important to me and my future career. I would recommend that anyone who gets a ticket consult Mr McCandliss. M.M., Bloomfield, MI.

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