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Marijuana Violation Attorney in Livonia, MI

Being charged with a Possession of Marijuana offense is serious! The penalties depend on many things, including the amount of marijuana you have in your possession at the time of your arrest. If the officer catches you with large amount of marijuana that he feels you are planning to sell, you will face harsh consequences, with probable jail time. If it appears to the officer the marijuana was for the personal use, the punishment may vary.

The degree of punishment will also depend on the offender’s number of past convictions. The potential sentence includes 1 year imprisonment and a fine of $2000. If the individual is arrested for the first time for this charge, they can be sent on conditional discharge by the Court. This is a good legal outcome for many individuals. This includes discharging the individual on probation and if he or she successfully completes the probation period without any complaints, the charges are removed.

Michigan has a policy of Zero Tolerance about driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Even if you don’t feel impaired or under the influence of marijuana but the officer has a reason to believe you are, you can be charged with OWVI (operating while visibly impaired)

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